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            Production equipment

            High Performance Low-e Coating Line
            High-speed Fully Automatic Cutting Machine
            Highly Efficient & Automatic Grinder
            Convection Continuous Tempered Furnace
            Automatic Intelligent Laminated Glass Line
            Bystronice Fully Automatic Insulation Line
            Lisec Fully Automatic Insulation Line
            Fully Automatic Silk-Screen Printing Line
            North Glass Flat&Bent Glass Tempering Furnace
            Tempered Glass Heat Soak Test Furnace
            CNC Water Jet Machine
            GLASSMAN CNC Drilling & Milling Machine

            Shanghai Lead Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Yangtze River area,which is an integrated glass process factory, combined design, production, sale with trade business. Glass products have been exported to Australia, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, received good reputation from customers.

            Lead Glass adheres to "Quality First, Service First,Customer First" business philosophy, focus on building glass, industrial glass and furniture glass industry. Our main products cover Low-E glass, coated glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, curved tempered glass, enameled glass, painted glass, fire proof glass, bullet proof glass and a variety of decorative glass.

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            Project Case

            Company's products passed the national 3C, Australia standard AS / NZS2208 and other glass quality standards certification


            Provide professional technology, high quality glass products, to create energy-efficient modern living space

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